don't let it starts with youdon't let it starts with you

With the increasing number of infected people with Coronavirus around the world , most of the people are afraid and panicking. You can’t blame them because they want to live and they don’t want to get infected

The Corona virus started on Wuhan, China since last year but until now it’s still infecting people around the world, it can infect people so fast and the problem is that the symptoms appear only after 2 weeks after the exposure which is so scary because you won’t know who is really infected and sometimes infected people don’t show any symptoms at all which is terible and maybe this is the reason of wide spread you can only detect it that your infected using a test kit but test kit supply is so little in some other country that’s why the virus spreads in a blink of an eye without any trace.

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Scientist and Medical Experts around the world are collaborating and still rushing to make a vaccine to stop this pandemic, there’s some news that they started some trials but right now as a normal human being this fight is not only for Scientist, Doctor, Nurses and Medicine Experts, this Fight is for all human being.

Being a responsible human being all we can do is to avoid being infected, we can only do this by staying at home and working from home if possible. We should also take care of ourselves and don’t let this Coronavirus start with you because if this happens there’s a chance that you can also infect your family and nobody wants that to happen.

There’s so many ways to make sure that we are protected against Corona Virus

  • Make sure that your hands are always clean
  • Avoid Crowded Places
  • Volunteer to be check on hospital if you feel that you are infected
  • Social Distancing
  • wear a mask , if you got the flu, cough and etc.
  • Don’t Spit anywhere
  • Eat Healthy food
  • Take some Vitamins
  • Have an Eight hours of sleep everyday
  • Don’t be Stress
  • Stay Calm but alert
  • Be Vigilant on your surroundings
  • Cooperate with the Government officials specially in times like this

Some Products that can help you make sure that your hands are clean

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4. MiyaSudy Disposable Hand Sanitizer Gel Containing 75% Bacteriostatic Gel Alcohol Disinfection Sterilization Liquid Hand Soap Portable No-wash 120ml for Friend

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo 99% Isopropyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic For Technical Use,16 Fluid Ounces

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