Android Sensor For Unity

Android Sensor For Unity

an Android Plugin for Unity3d that will help you access Sensor features on Android devices with in unity3d. this plugin will speeds up your work and saves a lot of time compare on creating your own plugin which requires learning, researching, coding and testing on how to make things work.


  • Step Counter (Pedometer)
  • Shake Detector and Counter

New Updates Version: 1.7.3

Added Motion Sensor Features:

  • Accelerometer
  • Gravity
  • Linear Acceleration
  • Rotation Vector
  • Significant Motion


An acceleration sensor measures the acceleration applied to the device, including the force of gravity.


The gravity sensor provides a three dimensional vector indicating the direction and magnitude of gravity. Typically, this sensor is used to determine the device’s relative orientation in space.

Linear Acceleration

The linear acceleration sensor provides you with a three-dimensional vector representing acceleration along each device axis, excluding gravity. You can use this value to perform gesture detection. The value can also serve as input to an inertial navigation system, which uses dead reckoning.

Rotation Vector

The rotation vector represents the orientation of the device as a combination of an angle and an axis, in which the device has rotated through an angle θ around an axis (x, y, or z).

Significant Motion

The significant motion sensor triggers an event each time significant motion is detected and then it disables itself. A significant motion is a motion that might lead to a change in the user’s location; for example walking, biking, or sitting in a moving car.

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We just submit the updates on Unity Asset Store last night and we are still waiting for confirmation but if you really wanted to try it , you can still purchase the current version and then when updates is ready you can redownload it and reimport it.

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Finding Missing Scripts in Unity

Finding missing scripts

Today during the Coronavirus lock down i got an error from Unity Editor that i got an Prefab with a missing script but sad to say unity don’t even give me the location of the prefab that has a missing scripts and i try to search it manually check each canvas, prefab and gameobject and i found it but this is insane what if you got a very huge project? then it’s a nightmare if you need to find it manually, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Don’t want to READ? click the link below

Find Missing Scripts

To avoid the same issue again, I searched online on how to fix this issue. There’s a lot of info about it using unity editor to find it. i try each one of them and i stumbled on this cool tool


To the rescue I found DTValidator online It’s cool and it finds some missing things but this one is overkill and it didn’t find the missing scripts on the canvas with nested prefab and gameobject on it. but i will keep this because it finds a lot of things that you need to check. if you are interested you can click the link below


Next Prospect FindMissingScriptsRecursively

I saw an old source code that looks for a missing scripts but , it’s only looking for the selected active gameobject that you select on the Hierarchy window you can heck it on the link below

I love the simplicity of this FindMissingScriptsRecursively codes

If you are interested you can get it here

but one thing is missing to search for the whole project for all possible missing scripts, so i modify it and i search online to find the missing piece and ola i have a tool that can look for a missing scripts 🙂


So in the end i managed to do what i want and these tools become a super handy tool if you want it you can download the zip file , unzip it and put it on your project and take note that it’s not super perfect yet but it works! 🙂


Don’t Let it Start with you, Protect your SELF to Protect your Family!

don't let it starts with you

With the increasing number of infected people with Coronavirus around the world , most of the people are afraid and panicking. You can’t blame them because they want to live and they don’t want to get infected

The Corona virus started on Wuhan, China since last year but until now it’s still infecting people around the world, it can infect people so fast and the problem is that the symptoms appear only after 2 weeks after the exposure which is so scary because you won’t know who is really infected and sometimes infected people don’t show any symptoms at all which is terible and maybe this is the reason of wide spread you can only detect it that your infected using a test kit but test kit supply is so little in some other country that’s why the virus spreads in a blink of an eye without any trace.

CoronaVirus Illustration

Scientist and Medical Experts around the world are collaborating and still rushing to make a vaccine to stop this pandemic, there’s some news that they started some trials but right now as a normal human being this fight is not only for Scientist, Doctor, Nurses and Medicine Experts, this Fight is for all human being.

Being a responsible human being all we can do is to avoid being infected, we can only do this by staying at home and working from home if possible. We should also take care of ourselves and don’t let this Coronavirus start with you because if this happens there’s a chance that you can also infect your family and nobody wants that to happen.

There’s so many ways to make sure that we are protected against Corona Virus

  • Make sure that your hands are always clean
  • Avoid Crowded Places
  • Volunteer to be check on hospital if you feel that you are infected
  • Social Distancing
  • wear a mask , if you got the flu, cough and etc.
  • Don’t Spit anywhere
  • Eat Healthy food
  • Take some Vitamins
  • Have an Eight hours of sleep everyday
  • Don’t be Stress
  • Stay Calm but alert
  • Be Vigilant on your surroundings
  • Cooperate with the Government officials specially in times like this

Some Products that can help you make sure that your hands are clean

1. Samury Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial No-wash Hand Sanitizer Gel, Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers – Kid Friendly, Kill 99.99% of Dirty Stuff Disinfecting Cleaner 60ml

2. Agelloc Hand Sanitizer Gel with Pump No Rinse Foam Hand Soap Gel Kill 99.99% of Dirty Stuff 24 Hour Travel Hand Sanitizer Alcohol-Free Wash-Free Disinfecting Cleaner 60ml

3. Disposable Hand Sanitizers Qshuye Water-free Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol Hand Soaps Gel Series

4. MiyaSudy Disposable Hand Sanitizer Gel Containing 75% Bacteriostatic Gel Alcohol Disinfection Sterilization Liquid Hand Soap Portable No-wash 120ml for Friend

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo 99% Isopropyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic For Technical Use,16 Fluid Ounces

6. 75% Alcohol Disinfection Hand Sanitizer Spray 60ML Household Cleaner Rinse Free Sterilized Hand Wash Gel

7. Amazon Brand – Solimo 99% Isopropyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic For Technical Use, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)


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grow your skill mega bundle unity

Feel like you are not growing anymore, feeling like you’re stuck with your skillset? maybe it’s time to take some big steps!

If you love your career and want to become the best of the best and be hired on a Tripple A Game Studio or want to lunch your own Indie Game Company, you must be knowledgeable enough for this to achieve

So how can you grow? during this time with the global events happening because of this CORONA virus most of the moving blocks of the economy stops and some workers already stop working but you can’t just let this happen and stops you from growing and improving your skillsets

Unity Introduce a Super Good Bundle which is Grow Your Skills Mega Bundle on this bundle you will a have 1 year subscription to Unity Learn Permium you can learn a lot of things from Unity Experts they will teach a lot of technique and Game Development Standard work flow which is very vital for your success as an aspiring Game Developer or owner of a Game Developement studio

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Hoppy Island

Hoppy Island

Hoppy Island a cute free catching high score based game, where you play a role of an adorable whale, all you need to do is to rescue the animal by catching them and preventing them to fall in the water and you also need to avoid the bombs. Collect more sunlights to unlock cool and unique whale avatars on the shop.

Video Trailer:

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Android Ultimate Plugin For Unity

Android Ultimate Plugin for Unity3D

Selling Point:

an Android Plugin for Unity3d that will help you access features on Android devices with in unity3d application. If you want to save time and wanted to publish your games or app immediately on the market this plugin is no brainer.

Case Study:

Imagine creating your own plugin which requires learning Java or Kotlin programming, researching on how to connect everything between Unity and Android, coding the actual plugin, learning how Android System and Features work testing and a lot more of testing because not all Android mobile phone is the same , Android mobile phone Hardware and Software are heavily fragmented because there’s a lot of company producing it specially now a days.



  • Local Notification
  • Audio Recorder  with pitch control
  • Vibration with Pattern control
  • Flash Light
  • Camera for capturing photo with share
  • Alarm Clock
  • Get Image with crop functionality and share
  • Get Image/Images
  • Send and Receive SMS
  • Access to Android Shared Pref (Save and Load Data)
  • Share Image or Text
  • Check and Ask Permissions
  • Check If App is installed or not using package name
  • Open Googleplay Play Store using package name

Speech Recognizer

  • Speech Recognizer with partial results Basic, beep or no beep
  • Speech Recognizer with partial results, with extra locale, beep or no beep

Text To Speech

  • Text to Speech Basic
  • Text to Speech with extra locale
  • Text to Speech with synthesize to file

Access to Android Native IU

  • Rate US
  • Alert
  • Loading
  • Show toast message

Location Information

  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Altitude
  • Speed
  • Bearing
  • Accuracy
  • Distance in Meters
  • TimeStamp
  • Nmea

Battery Information

  • Battery Life Percentage

Android Information Basic

  • Time
  • PackageName
  • Version

Android Information Advance

  • Android Id
  • Android Secure Id
  • Telephony Device Id
  • Telephony Serial Number
  • Advertising Id
  • Unique Id
  • Check if the device has sim or not?
  • Get Email Accounts on the device

Connectivity Information

  • Is Mobile Connected?
  • Is Wifi Connected?
  • Wifi Ip
  • Wifi Signal Strength 
  • Wifi SSID
  • Wifi BSSID
  • Wifi Rssi
  • Wifi Speed


  • Get Finish Activity
  • Share Existing Texture Demo
  • Download Image from anywhere from web and share demo

New Features + new Tools on version 2.0.8

  • Check Permissions using Packagename
  • Ask Permission using Packagename
  • File Picker get filepath for image, audio and video


For reviews you can visit this link


We are still active on this plugin and we are planning on adding more features on it. we can easily say that 1 feature = 1$ but this plugin is only $15, which is super super good steal and this plugin has a lot of features compare this price on the other Android Plugin in the market which offer less features and much more expensive.


If you are concern about support you can always email us or message us on our social media accounts, you can set a schedule during weekends if you want a live support, we can even setup an empty project with our plugin already setup on it.

Video Tutorial Setup

If you need some guide on setting it up please watch or click the youtube video below

Features Video Demo

New Updates: New Feaures and new FREE Tools!


  • Find Missing scripts
  • Download Depencies Library


While waiting for support you can always read our documentation just click and follow this link


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If you are interested, you can purchase it on Unity Asset Store

you can also purchase it on but we suggest to buy it on Asset Store because it is more updated compare to but you can alway email us once you buy it on and we will send you an updated version immediately.

Demo Application

Still thinking if you need our Android Plugin why not try our demo APK, please click the link demo, download, install and try it!

Demo APK

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Please email us and we will send you the unity-package

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If you want all the source code including Java Source, you can always contact us but this will be a bit expensive

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