Android Sensor For Unity

Android Sensor For Unity

an Android Plugin for Unity3d that will help you access Sensor features on Android devices with in unity3d. this plugin will speeds up your work and saves a lot of time compare on creating your own plugin which requires learning, researching, coding and testing on how to make things work.


  • Step Counter (Pedometer)
  • Shake Detector and Counter

New Updates Version: 1.7.3

Added Motion Sensor Features:

  • Accelerometer
  • Gravity
  • Linear Acceleration
  • Rotation Vector
  • Significant Motion


An acceleration sensor measures the acceleration applied to the device, including the force of gravity.


The gravity sensor provides a three dimensional vector indicating the direction and magnitude of gravity. Typically, this sensor is used to determine the device’s relative orientation in space.

Linear Acceleration

The linear acceleration sensor provides you with a three-dimensional vector representing acceleration along each device axis, excluding gravity. You can use this value to perform gesture detection. The value can also serve as input to an inertial navigation system, which uses dead reckoning.

Rotation Vector

The rotation vector represents the orientation of the device as a combination of an angle and an axis, in which the device has rotated through an angle θ around an axis (x, y, or z).

Significant Motion

The significant motion sensor triggers an event each time significant motion is detected and then it disables itself. A significant motion is a motion that might lead to a change in the user’s location; for example walking, biking, or sitting in a moving car.

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Android Ultimate Plugin For Unity

Android Ultimate Plugin for Unity3D

Selling Point:

an Android Plugin for Unity3d that will help you access features on Android devices with in unity3d application. If you want to save time and wanted to publish your games or app immediately on the market this plugin is no brainer.

Case Study:

Imagine creating your own plugin which requires learning Java or Kotlin programming, researching on how to connect everything between Unity and Android, coding the actual plugin, learning how Android System and Features work testing and a lot more of testing because not all Android mobile phone is the same , Android mobile phone Hardware and Software are heavily fragmented because there’s a lot of company producing it specially now a days.



  • Local Notification
  • Audio Recorder  with pitch control
  • Vibration with Pattern control
  • Flash Light
  • Camera for capturing photo with share
  • Alarm Clock
  • Get Image with crop functionality and share
  • Get Image/Images
  • Send and Receive SMS
  • Access to Android Shared Pref (Save and Load Data)
  • Share Image or Text
  • Check and Ask Permissions
  • Check If App is installed or not using package name
  • Open Googleplay Play Store using package name

Speech Recognizer

  • Speech Recognizer with partial results Basic, beep or no beep
  • Speech Recognizer with partial results, with extra locale, beep or no beep

Text To Speech

  • Text to Speech Basic
  • Text to Speech with extra locale
  • Text to Speech with synthesize to file

Access to Android Native IU

  • Rate US
  • Alert
  • Loading
  • Show toast message

Location Information

  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Altitude
  • Speed
  • Bearing
  • Accuracy
  • Distance in Meters
  • TimeStamp
  • Nmea

Battery Information

  • Battery Life Percentage

Android Information Basic

  • Time
  • PackageName
  • Version

Android Information Advance

  • Android Id
  • Android Secure Id
  • Telephony Device Id
  • Telephony Serial Number
  • Advertising Id
  • Unique Id
  • Check if the device has sim or not?
  • Get Email Accounts on the device

Connectivity Information

  • Is Mobile Connected?
  • Is Wifi Connected?
  • Wifi Ip
  • Wifi Signal Strength 
  • Wifi SSID
  • Wifi BSSID
  • Wifi Rssi
  • Wifi Speed


  • Get Finish Activity
  • Share Existing Texture Demo
  • Download Image from anywhere from web and share demo

New Features + new Tools on version 2.0.8

  • Check Permissions using Packagename
  • Ask Permission using Packagename
  • File Picker get filepath for image, audio and video


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We are still active on this plugin and we are planning on adding more features on it. we can easily say that 1 feature = 1$ but this plugin is only $15, which is super super good steal and this plugin has a lot of features compare this price on the other Android Plugin in the market which offer less features and much more expensive.


If you are concern about support you can always email us or message us on our social media accounts, you can set a schedule during weekends if you want a live support, we can even setup an empty project with our plugin already setup on it.

Video Tutorial Setup

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Features Video Demo

New Updates: New Feaures and new FREE Tools!


  • Find Missing scripts
  • Download Depencies Library


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